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One-Man Tiger Tank Driving


Welcome tank commander. Here we have our 400cc half tonne tiger tanks for you to rip up our off-road track with. The tanks are easy and fun to drive and if you are over 8 then you can drive them by yourself. If under the age of 8 you will simply need to be accompanied by an adult or a member of the Military Adventure Park staff. This is a unique opportunity as there are very few mini-tank driving courses in the world.

You do not need to book, just turn up when the park is open and rock and roll. Our track is muddy, rocky, wet and sometimes dusty. Perfect for off road tank driving. If you would like to learn more about these fascinating and unique tanks then see our articles and subscribe to our newsletters.

There is NO NEED TO BOOK and Tank driving is available for all ages but under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult