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    Now Open Everyday from 10am

    No need to book, tokens & wristbands available at admissions

  • Zombie Apocalypse

    All communication has been lost with the secret military biological testing facility, codenamed, NORA13. Last week a 6 person seal team was sent in to find out what went wrong, and they are missing presumed infected with the un-dead virus. Their last transmission was mixed with gunfire and screaming…..

    The customer is part of the SAS’s special infection unit and they have been called up to deal with this potential global mass extinction of the human race. Their mission is to rescue the antidote from locker 42 and find out what happened to the missing seal team.

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  • Party Bookings

    So what are you waiting for great things to do in Scarborough visit the Scarborough theme park soon. For birthday party ideas, Scarborough birthday parties, childrens birthday parties Scarborough, laser combat birthday party we are ideal. We specialse in mini tank driving, modern warfare laser combat and a whole lot more.

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  • Zombie Apocalypse - Group Bookings

    Check out our new video teaser made by Dave Porter! It includes real in game footage. CLICK HERE

    See below for pricing and booking information...




    WARNING: Not for the faint hearted




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  • Completely improved for 2013, this is your chance to drive our authentic, state-of-the-art tanks (as seen on The Gadget Show and Top Gear!).
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    Tank Driving

  • Our state of the art laser weapons can be programmed to behave like any weapon from call of duty and our combat village will allow you to put your skills to the test. This is as real as it gets, forget paintball, there is no mess, no pain and best of all no extra cost.
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    Lazer Battle

  • At M.A.P, we have the very latest fully unrestricted Bravo One M16 paintball rifles and use Re-Balls for added accuracy. Take aim on our various targets for practice then take our speed and accuracy test and try to get the best score of the day. MP5 assault rifle. This is still one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, having been adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies and special forces groups including the SAS.It fires 6mm balls at 350 feet per second which you aim at our professional paper targets that you get to keep so you
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    Shooting Range

  • Voted “Best New Product” in the 2006-2010 seasons, Spider Mountain is the revolutionary climbing concept of the future.Spider Mountain is an exciting way for children to challenge themselves as they find their own way up through and out of the WEB.Upon completing this challenge, they would then have the option of sliding down a huge inflatable slide or climbing and squirming back down through the webbing. Spider Mountain uses all aspects of the body’s skills. It develops their psycho-motor and balancing skills as they stretch their child-muscles and tap into that unlimited child-energy
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    Spider Mountain

  • Attached to the side of Spider Mountain is our rock climbing wall. Our wall has a twin belay system and at 7 meters high is very challenging but fun to climb. Race your friend or member of your family or just simply challenge yourself to reach the top. Once up there you will have the best view in the park. Just dont look down! When your ready to come down just let go or abseil gently back down to earth.
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    Rock Climbing

  • Fall in soldier … tackle our 55ft inflatable assault course! Are you tough enough to get through our demanding course, including rock climb and 10ft drop slide? Plenty of obstacles are in the way to trap the unwary so you’ll need your wits about you … A true test of your military might!
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    Assault Course